Rainy Days Pictures is a film development and production company based in the UK. These pages give a small flavour of the current projects.

Rainy Days Pictures is championed by filmmaker and writer David B. Graham who works closely with partners both within and outside the industry to bring these stories to the screen; stories which will hopefully bring a little bit of cheer on those rainy days...

The company's first feature-length film is Hooked on a Ceiling which was screened at the London UK Film Focus in 2007 and will be available on DVD shortly. Two films are in the final stages of development and the early stages of financing. Ten further projects are at earlier stages of development.

Thanks for visiting and if you think you can help us bring these pictures to a screen near you, please get in touch.


Hooked on a Ceiling

Rear Garden

Yo Ha Ho

The Artful Dodgers

Ave Armageddon

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered


Fly Me to the Moon

Funky Joe

Silent Refusal